úterý 21. dubna 2009

PowerShell presentation

OK guys, it's here. As I promised here are slides and demo files from presentation for my colleagues.
  • Slides - I converted it to PDF and removed all company logos so somewhere it can looks strange.
  • Demo files used during presentation. Based on usage of specific technology there are short examples (VM) or really complex (ACL). Complex doesn't mean thousands of lines - we are in PowerShell :)
When I am doing presentation I use practical examples as much as I can. And I am talking a lot - ask my colleagues :) So sometimes you can feel like "out of the context" when looking only to presentation.

I found out that the most interesting part was setting of ACL. On the other hand I was compelled to slow down presentation when I talked about objects in PowerShell. My admin colleagues never tried any object oriented language so I saw on their faces they are "lost". After that I digressed a bit and tried to desbribed the idea of objects. Now I know that for next presentation (if presented for administrators) I have to redesign the slides.

As a conclusion I can say that it was fun. I felt that they were really interested and for the future I see that some of them can thing about PowerShell as about the tool which saves them a lot of work.

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Enjoyed the slides and the ACL demo .. Thanx.